Our Silk Quality

At CATCH, our process of crafting our garments is a thorough one. Of all fabrics, you may ask why silk? In a clothing market where poor-quality synthetic materials such as polyester (artificially made from petroleum, coal, air and water; imagine wearing a layer of petroleum all day) dominate, we've exclusively chosen silk, a natural and premium fiber extracted without chemical processing.
Not only is silk a premium natural fabric, it has unique insulation properties - it keeps you cool when the weather gets warm, and even keeps you warm when it gets cooler. Wearing silk thus keeps your body temperature well-regulated at all times, and its breathability ensures all-day comfort in our humid tropical climate.
Knowing that sheerness is a concern among most women, we use silk that is 60% heavier than those used by majority of brands so you'll never ever need to wear an additional camisole.
There're various types of silk that's available but we've chosen crêpe de chine, a silk weave that's more textured and that produces a beautiful sheen and lustre.