Thinking and Doing Differently

CATCH represents a new kind of retail experience:
After conducting a year-long research, where we spoke to numerous consultants, merchandisers, buyers and insiders working within the clothing industry, we now understand why the Economist Intelligence Unit has named Singapore as the joint costliest city in the world to purchase clothes, over and above being the most expensive city in the world, earlier in March 2015. Clothing prices in the malls of Orchard Road have a 50% premium over that in New York. We've summarised why this is the case below.
In the clothing industry, a typical brand process begins like this -
(1) the brand will first decide how much a piece of garment should be sold depending on where it wishes to position in the market (say, a retail price of S$150);
(2) next, the brand will pursue an artificially inflated profit using mark-ups of 3 times or more (following our example, the profit is earmarked at around S$112.50);
(3) as the brand's motivation is to pursue an artificially inflated profit, upon calculation (working backwards), this yields an unfairly low cost price of a garment, which includes fabric, cut-and-sew and logistics costs, etc. (following our example, a piece of garment costs about S$37.50 or less in total to make and to ship);
(4) finally, because the brand is restricted by its low-cost budget in (3), it can only source for cheap fabric, where quality is often unchecked and undesirable (following our example, fabric used to make a $150-retail-priced-garment will typically fall within a price range of below S$10 per yard).
This typical brand process creates an uncomfortable truth for all - that you have had to, and will, constantly pay more than is necessary for a poor-quality garment from such a brand.
CATCH's process is completely reversed from that of a "typical" brand -
(1) we first think about what you want, because this matters, and that means the highest quality garments;
(2) next, in alignment with quality, we source only the finest fabrics used to craft our garments;
(3) we'll then arrive at our cost price without any loss of quality;
(4) finally, we apply what's a fair and reasonable price for our garments.
This invariably ensures that you, our customer (and the highest quality garments), will always be our core focus.
Unlike the international brands that are imported into, and sold within, Singapore, we're passionate about creating luxury quality clothing for women living in Singapore as an everyday real-life affair. We care about you, and we believe that brands are more relevant when created with Singapore residents in mind. This explains how we're able to offer and deliver well-designed luxury quality garments at an affordable price point previously thought impossible.