Our Story

CATCH is a fresh and exciting contemporary brand founded upon the mission of improving women’s accessibility to luxury. As seasoned shoppers ourselves (having frequented mass market, high street to luxury brands), we increasingly found ourselves unwilling to constantly fork out $300 for reasonably designed and made clothing.
We wanted a brand which spoke "everyday luxury"; one that never compromises on quality. So we created one. Learn more of our process.
We are a small team of individuals who care deeply about creating the best luxury classics for women living in Singapore. Our philosophy is that consumption can be meaningful - to know exactly what your clothes are made of, and to love (not just like) what's in your wardrobe.
"Acquiring a piece of CATCH garment is a long-term investment, a true companion for life."
We work hand-in-hand with innovative mills and factories around the world to craft our garments using the finest luxury silk fabrics. Learn more about our silk quality and our product integrity.
CATCH is committed to combine exceptional design, exquisite quality and affordability to provide luxury quality clothing as an everyday real-life affair to women in Singapore.
Learn more about what CATCH is doing differently.
Photos from our launch pop up store at SingaPlural 2015 between 10-15 March 2015
Our pop up store concept is based on the silk weaving process, where balls of silk cocoon is wrapped and reeled around a spool.